Freight Audit & Analysis Solutions

Traffic Data Exchange

A global supply chain analytics company offering state-of-the-art services to track, monitor, and manage your Global Supply Chain expenditures. Access real-time data to improve your transportation data flow, identify and eliminate carrier miscalculations, maximize efficiencies, and reduce your overall freight charges.

Traffic Data Exchange Serving High-Volume Freight Companies

When running a busy, high-volume freight company, you need robust measures to ensure your supply chain is always accounted for. With over three decades of experience in the industry, Traffic Data Exchange is your partner in global supply chain and parcel audit in Cary, NC. We are committed to ensuring you have access to accurate and precise information when it comes to freight expenses so you can project and forecast your returns the right way.

Freight Payment Made Easy in Cary, NC

At Traffic Data Exchange, we make it easier to enjoy on-time freight payment in Cary, NC. We provide our carriers with full-service accounts payable solutions that offer accuracy at every step of the way. We also provide weekly reporting for your global supply chain, managing all aspects of the process. To find out more, contact us today at (984) 219-2265.


What We Do


Invoice Audit

A complete audit of all bills and invoices.


Weekly Reporting

Regular weekly reports for the global supply chain.

Accounts Payable

Provide carriers with accurate accounts payable.


RFP Assistance

Simple and hassle-free RFP assistance

Monthly Accruals

Track accruals and manage accounts.

Get Started Now

Get an online report from our “real-time report writer.” Gain access to all required data from our external portal. The Exchange offers unique features, including templates with custom reports for expenditures. Our reports can be imported into the client’s SAP, Oracle, or any other accounts payable systems.

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