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We receive, process, and provide our clients with data collected from vendors to help evaluate the effectiveness of service providers. We also provide clients with weekly trends and spending alerts to ensure that they align with their plans and budget.

Why Choose Us?

At Traffic Data Exchange, we know how stressful and time-consuming manual auditing and payment can be. It is often a process that requires additional staff and professional assistance. That’s why we provide our clients with comprehensive auditing and analysis services, allowing them to evaluate service providers and their own performances while reducing labor costs.

With our help you can ensure that global reach, reporting capabilities, the ability to use proprietary software, and integration capabilities are all taken into consideration before entering into a partnership with a carrier.

We also conduct complete audits of all of the incoming invoices. We manage international freight payment in five currencies through cooperation with the U.S. Bank. This allows us to reach clients across the globe and provide them with incredible payment flexibility.

Since our advanced software solution records a number of attributes within each shipping transaction, we can provide real time data on:

  • Delivery Date & Time
  • Shipping Rates
  • Accessorial Fees
  • General Ledger Codes
  • ​Inbound & Third-Party Usage
  • Residential Delivery Confirmation
  • Less Than Load (LTL) Class
  • Additional elements to help you make strong business decisions.
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