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Achieve a streamlined approach to paying bills with help from Traffic Data Exchange. We’ll work with your accounting and accounts payable team to ensure that your payment processes are seamless, accurate, and hassle-free.

Why Choose Us?

At Traffic Data Exchange, we’re a 3PL partner who goes above and beyond to provide you with comprehensive accounting services that cover all aspects of your payment process. We connect the client’s accounts payable department with all their freight and transportation expenses to one invoice for all carriers. That means that our clients can gather and manage all expenses from one unified cache. This allows them to adjust their allocated budget against actual freight expenditure, thus saving on costs and boosting ROI.

We provide you with a detailed account of freight expenses incurred by the various departments within the organization, allowing you to track whether your freight transportation trend is in line with your sales trend. With all this data at your fingertips, decision making, budgeting, and strategizing becomes faster, more efficient, and more effective.

Our team can help automate your accounts payable processes and provide you with a new GL code. We’ll help reconcile and return data reports for an easy import back into your payables system through our custom software solutions—compatible with SAP, Oracle, and other accounting software—allowing for seamless backend operations.

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