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With over 30 years of experience, we have been providing logistics and supply chain analysis to global Fortune 100 companies since 2007. Trust Traffic Data Exchange to help you manage your business efficiently and cost-effectively.

Traffic Data Exchange was established in 2007 by Timothy Kenny—a 20 year FedEx executive, who wanted to provide his services to clients for all carriers, not just FedEx. After seeing how valuable data was to his FedEx clients, Kenny wanted to offer a similar service for all global supply chain data. Over the last 15 years, TDE has cultivated strong partnerships with prominent global manufacturers, retailers, and distributors, taking their local business into the international market. Today, Traffic Data Exchange provides high-volume freight companies with accounting, analytics, and supply chain logistics consultancy services. We offer clients around the world complete freight auditing and analysis solutions with software that integrates data from multiple sources—giving our clients access to real-time data and thereby improving transportation data flow, identifying and eliminating carrier miscalculations, maximizing efficiencies, and reducing overall freight charges.

Over 80% of shippers overpay for their freight. That’s why the experts at Traffic Data Exchange bring you accurate, real-time freight data, allowing you to take charge of your freight expense management and shrink your global supply chain processes. Our solutions are flexible, open-source, and compatible with all accounting platforms our clients are on. We also provide our clients with meticulously-recorded historical data to allow for proper forecasting and budgeting. From auditing to AP services, we’ll walk you through every step of the freight cost optimization process. Trust Traffic Data Exchange to help you streamline your processes, reduce your expenditure, and increase your profits through smart and innovative accounting, auditing, and logistic solutions.


Timothy Kenny

President, Traffic Data Exchange

Our Values

We believe that your success is our success. Our team is dedicated to upholding the values of integrity, honesty, and transparency.

Quality Services
We want to be an extension of your logistics supply chain, purchasing, and account payable departments. We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs, analyze your business, and ensure that you get the solutions that work for you.
Transparent Communication

Get professional guidance from our team with a quick consultation call. We also offer free custom reporting, available 24/7. We will keep you in the front seat, in charge of your progress every step of the way.

Customer Satisfaction
Our present customer satisfaction due to our flexibility and ability to adapt to any request or need.

What We Do Best


Invoice Audit

Utilize documented invoices to provide a full audit process for billing errors, late deliveries, and incorrect rates.

Weekly Reporting

Custom set of Dashboards that allow our clients to receive and review Data that is invaluable when making financial decisions for Cost Controls and analysis

Accounts Payable

In Partnership with US Bank we presently pay our carriers in multiple foreign currencies, helping reduce Banking Fees and Currency Conversion Costs

RFP Assistance

Traffic Data Exchange takes the RFP Process From a time consuming task to a competitive advantage. Use our data inventory to provide carriers with clean, crisp freight intelligence to garner a quick, productive ROI on your RFP process.

Monthly Accruals

With freight costs escalating it is critical that your accounting team works with a freight accrual expert. Traffic Data Exchange can aid your accounting team in maximizing their efforts and help your finance and logistics departments with accurate end of month accrual reporting. Let us put your data to work for you.

Carrier Management

We work to understand our clients Global Supply Chain needs – we can remove numerous stakes in your supply chain management portfolio, as an added value service.

Try The Exchange

Need a real-time report? Check out The Exchange—our dedicated secure web server—for clear graphs, accurate data, and custom expenditure reports that can be easily imported into your SAP, Oracle, or other accounts payable systems.

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