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We offer a range of services that cover accounting, auditing, analytics, and other elements of supply chain management. We can help you simplify, streamline, and automate your services to help minimize costs and maximize profits.

Why Choose Us

At Traffic Data Exchange, we focus on giving our clients services that will help them take their business to new heights of success. Our solutions are designed with a focus on real-time data for better resource management. Our team of experienced professionals leverage the latest industry trends and innovative software to guide our clients in increasing their ROI. With data to support intelligent supply chain management and outstanding audit and payment services, we enable our clients to make smarter decisions and increase their profits. With our custom dashboard, you will be able to manage each department’s freight expenses effectively and efficiently. Get accurate data, professional advice, and innovative solutions from Traffic Data Exchange and take your business to the next level.

Our Services


Collect, reconcile, and return shipping data and experience a seamless import back to your accounts payable system.

Auditing and Analytics

Audit the various attributes within each shipping transaction and get instant data to reduce costs.

Supply Chain Logistics

Manage your logistics accurately and efficiently, reallocate critical resources, and optimize processes.

What We Offer


Invoice Audit

The quantity of Supply Chain transactions can be overwhelming because of the one-to-one relationship between shipment and invoice. Traffic Data Exchange uses many measures to secure invoice visibility without the manual paper invoice process.

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Maximize savings and income, prevent errors, and monitor past transactions for a more accurate freight process analysis.

Accounts Payable

We presently pay carriers in multiple currencies, allowing Traffic Data Exchange to manage your Global Supply Chain in a seamless manner.

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Send timely, legitimate, and accurate account payables to carriers with help from us. We can make the process simple and stress-free.

Weekly Reporting

Global Supply Chain data has so much more to offer than just reports on carrier payments and cost allocation. We categorize and bundle your freight to meet your specifics lane or region.

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Get highly detailed reports for a more realistic and clear view of your supply chain. We even offer real-time reports with The Exchange.

Monthly Accruals

Traffic Data Exchange can help your organization work at a more effective scale to increase shipment visibility, recognize revenue quicker, and provide clarity on services that have been performed but not billed.

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We make sure every transaction has an accounting code, general ledger code, or PO applied to it to assist GL reporting.

RFP Assistance

We will guide you through your RFP process by supplying levels of data and expertise that will shrink your negotiation time by weeks.

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Launch new projects and create RFPs easily with our guidance and support.

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