Internship programs are a fantastic opportunity for college students to explore career options and gain valuable work experience. Not to mention, they look great on a student’s resume and give them a competitive edge in the job market. Traffic Data Exchange has always supported summer internships for college students and we hope to promote more small businesses to take this initiative.

Helps Stand Out

Around 4,000,000 students graduate in the U.S. annually so the job market is very competitive and most corporations count internships as formal work experience. In fact, research suggests that US students who complete multiple summer internships are more likely to secure a full-time job than others. Additionally, you’ll also get to build your profile and network in your field of interest.

Effective On-The-Job Training (OJT)

Internships follow the “learning by doing” motto. The best way to learn more about a job is by actually doing it in a professional setting. Small businesses tend to be more flexible in their OJT and provide the intern with valuable real-time, real business life experiences.  Meeting professionals with years of experience on the job and observing them is invaluable.

You may want to make it a point to ask questions and leverage the opportunity to learn more. At Traffic Data Exchange, we feel it’s a tremendous win-win environment for the numerous summer interns we have had for the past 14-years. We hire smart, motivated students who are eager to learn and build skills, and they are building a resume of quality experience managing big data and learning about the world of Global Supply Chain.  My greatest pleasure is hiring my former baseball players and seeing them prosper, both in school and in the professional world. Many have gone on to apply for graduate school, another broke his college’s all-time home run record and another took his skills to work at Amazon.

Equips You with Essential Work Skills

Besides the fact that internships fulfill college requirements and boost employability, they will provide the interns with plenty of opportunities to learn more work and life skills. Training the basics and limiting high-level responsibilities will provide the interns the bandwidth to balance work, any summer courses they are taking, and most importantly finding time to enjoy the summertime off. It helps them build effective time management and discipline.

Helps Build Networking and Communication Skills

Besides meeting industry experts, they can also build a fraternity of like-minded contemporaries to build a strong network to discuss and compare their experiences, workplace culture and teach them to communicate and network professionally.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs gain a lot by offering internships to eager, motivated students. This is a great way to give back to society and encourage the student community to pursue their talents and dreams.


If you know anyone interested in gaining valuable business experience and growing your professional repertoire, contact Traffic Data Exchange today for 2023 internship opportunities!

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